Ingoskog in English

The aim of Ingoskog is to increase research, development and innovation capacity among companies, cluster organisations, universities, non-Governmental Organisations and civil society in Inner Scandinavia. It focuses on green transition based on the forest as a resource and will contribute to increase the attractiveness and job opportunities in a sustainable development of the forest landscape in this region.

Green transition means moving from today’s dependency on fossil fuels to a society relying on biomass and renewable material in a circular system for producing goods, energy and fuels. The forest of Inner Scandinavia has great potential for delivering biomass. However, an increased consumption of the forest as biomass will challenge other interests and values such as tourism, recreation, health promotion, hunting, fishing, berries and mushroom picking, biological diversity and cultural heritage. The key to a successful green transition, accounting for the diverse interests and values, is the development of effective and innovative methods and tools.

Ingoskog will:

  • develop common concepts for green transition in Inner Scandinavia with special attention on the different actors and stakeholders.
  • develop methods and tools for innovation processes where the different values and interests in the forest are accounted for.
  • test some of these methods and tools for development of sustainable businesses, for example in alternative commodity production and tourism.
  • contribute in creating a joint bank of knowledge and strengthen the long term cooperation between business, authorities, organisations and academia as a cross boundary resource in Inner Scandinavia.

These models will show innovative possibilities for how the forest can be used in economically, socially and ecologically sustainable ways.